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Raghunatha dancing with his daughter

Raghunath tours the world, leading yoga workshops, yoga teacher trainings, kirtans, & the practical applications of yogic philosophy,He annually takes a group on pilgrimage through holy places of India.

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may 26th - 29th

Chant Camp: Kirtan School @ Supersoul Farm

june 9th - 11th Wanderlust Snow Shoe West Virgina

june 16th - 18th Supersoul 200 YTT @Supersoul Farm

june 22 - 25 Madhuram Retreat w/Raghunath & Dhanurdhara Swami @Supersoul Farm

june 30 Long Beach Ca. Yoga 108

Flight School with Raghunath

july 7 i Saratoga Springs, NY Yoga Mandali

Yoga Mandali Saratoga Springs NY 6-830pm The Vedic Path: Flow: Flight and Self Discovery Join Raghunath for an upgrade of your yoga practice while he discusses essential truths of India’s sacred yoga literature. The asana portion will take you to new heights in your practice no matter what level you’re at. He demystifies advanced asanas and makes them approachable for all. He’ll discuss the sacred truths of the ancient yoga texts and most of all how to apply them and make them relevant for the contemporary yogi.

july 8 Utica NY In Bloom Yoga Flight School 11am-1pm

july 13 - 16 Supersoul Farm/ Sadhu Training w/ Raghunath & Mike Pewtherer

(see events)

july 24 - 27 Spiritual Skills: A yogic Tuneup for Teachers & Practitioners 4 Day Immersion 10th Gate Yoga in Portsmouth Rhode Island

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august 3 - 6 Bhakti Immersion Retreat w/Raghunath and special guests Craryville NY

aug 17-20 30 Hour training w/ Raghunath and Justin Wolfer

hosted by Supersoul Farm in East Chatham NY

september 24 - october 5 India Pilgrimage (this event is sold out)

oct 13 Ocean Grove NJ Ohana Rising Flight School & Kirtan


oct 14 Wilmington De. Full Day Immersion (more info TBA)

november 4 Ahimsa Yoga Festival Hunter Mountain NY

november 10 Italian Yoga Festival Milan Italy

nov 17-18 Nashville Tn TBA

nov 19 Burlington VT Sukha Yoga

dec 1 NYC NY Kula Yoga masters class

dec 1 Greenpoint Brooklyn New Love City Kirtan w/ Raghunath and guests

dec 2 Prema Yoga Brooklyn NY workshops and ytt

dec 3 Greenpoint Brooklyn NY New Love City Yoga, Flight School

december 8 - 10 Houston Tx Big Yoga Weekend Workshops

december 16 Sukha Yoga Burlington Vt

january 3 - 26 #supersoul300 India

Supersoul 300hour YTT Bhakti Cultural Immersion India w/ Raghunath & Radhanath Swami in India

march 2-4 Moscow, Russia Jiva Mukti Yoga

march 5-9 Koln Germany The Yoga Loft 5 Day Bhakti Training

march 10-11 Koln Germany Yoga Loft YTT (registrants only)

march 16-18 #Supersoul200hour Training Begins at Supersoul Farm

Change your career and/or your life. Train with Raghunath at Supersoul Farm. see event link for more

Raghunatha on stage in punk band

Part of what makes Raghunath so appealing is his origin story, which reads like a mythology of the modern guru.

Upcoming events with Raghunath pre-registration, discounts and offerings